An Introduction

Hello, my name is Janet Hall and “Let Me Call You Sweet Art” is my home-based licensed, inspected, permitted and insured bakery business in Winston Salem, NC.  It is a great source of  joy for me. From the time I was a little girl too small to even see the stove, I have been an avid baker. By the time I was 13 years old I was baking cakes, pies, cookies, and all kinds of breads. I sat and asked questions of all the old time bakers around me and soaked up their lessons and love of baking which in turn inspired me.The art of baking with zeal is a lost art today but my early years of persistence kept the joy of baking inside of me. This passion eventually led me into learning the art of making baked goods also look very beautiful and eventually to creating elaborate wedding and celebration cakes. I began with the Wilton Method but have branched out from there to add other techniques and artistry. My imagination is often where my inspirations spring with creativity singing in my heart.

My devotion to the art of baking necessitates that quality ingredients go into each and every thing I make. My standard is to use real butter, cream, and natural extracts, fruits, and nuts to achieve consistent high quality desserts that come through clearly in my finished pieces of edible art.My commitment is to always create baked goods that are always beautiful to the eye but just as important, taste as good as they look. All my desserts are baked and decorated to order. Many commercial bakeries do not have the commitment to quality and freshness that I have.

It is common practice for large bakeries to not even bake their own cakes but to have them shipped in frozen and then commercial icing or fondant from a bucket is then applied. Many times their “butter cream” icing is not butter cream at all but instead an entirely shortening based icing flavored to taste like butter cream. All of my cakes are fresh baked and the icings are made fresh per order and always contain real butter. My fondant is hand crafted and is made from real butter and cream and tastes like butter cream candy. My extensive offerings of gourmet cake and filling combinations would be sure to elevate your celebration cake to a level not likely to be obtained elsewhere.

Sugar art is an obsession of mine that fills my mind. Creating life like roses and other sugar flowers and leaves is a joy for me. Creating custom designs out of gum paste and fondant is the highlight of creating the crowning glory for my gourmet quality cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I love designing a one of kind cakes for special occasions. You can be assured that any wedding or celebration cakes that I make for you will be special.  So, if you are in the Winston Salem or Triad area, call me for your very own masterpiece of “sweet art”!