Chocolate,  Vanilla, Vanilla Almond, Lemon, Red Velvet,  and Strawberry


Almond Chocolate Coconut Bliss - Rich chocolate almond scented cake with chocolate ganache and coconut filling

AmbrosiaMoist white cake with pecans, coconut, and pineapple filled with orange pineapple whipped cream filling

Apple Pie CakeMoist spice cake with apple pie  filling

Banana Pudding – Banana Graham cracker cake with vanilla wafer and whipped banana cream  filling

Banana Royal – Banana cake filled with caramel, banana cream, and chocolate ganache

Banana Split – Layers of banana, strawberry, and chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge and whipped banana cream

Black Forest  – Dark rich chocolate cake filled with rich cherry preserves and chocolate truffle filling

Blueberry Sour Cream  – Sour Cream cake with vanilla whipped cream and blueberry filling

Boston Cream Pie - Butter cake filled with custard and chocolate ganache

Butter Pecan  – Buttery moist butter pecan cake with butter pecan whipped cream filling

Cappuccino – Moist rich mocha cake filled with cappuccino whipped cream filling

Carrot Cheesecake -  Carrot spice cake loaded with pineapple and coconut with cheesecake whipped cream filling

Candies and Cream - Moist rich butter cake filled with creamy vanilla cream, sprinkled peanut butter chocolate candy, and toffee bits

Caramel Delight - Rich moist caramel cake with soft caramel filling and caramel whipped cream filling

Caramel Apple - Caramel butter cake filled with sweetened apple fruit filling and creamy caramel

Caramel Pecan  – Caramel cake studded with chopped pecans with pecan caramel filling

Cheesecake Lovers  – Moist  cheesecake flavored cake with cheesecake cream filling

Chocolate Caramel Sensation – Rich moist chocolate cake filled with caramel, chocolate ganache, and mini chocolate chips

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  – Chocolate chip cake with chocolate chip cookie dough filling

Chocolate Covered Cherry - Chocolate chip cherry cake with layers of chocolate truffle and cherry filling

Chocolate Fantasy -  Dark chocolate rich moist cake with chocolate fudge and chocolate whipped cream filling

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry  – Layers of chocolate and strawberry cake with chocolate ganache and strawberry preserve filling

Chocolate Mint Passion  – Rich chocolate mint chip cake with chocolate ganache and mint chocolate chip buttercream filling

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss - Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter whipped cream studded with chopped chocolate and peanut butter candies

Cinnamon Roll  – Cinnamon butter cake filled with cinnamon cream cheese flavored whipped cream

Citrus Blossom - Swirls of orange and lemon cake filled with orange lemon whipped cream

Coconut Cloud - Coconut cake filled with coconut cream and coconut whipped cream filling

Cookies and Cream - Rich dark chocolate cake with chocolate sandwich cookie and vanilla whipped cream filling

Crème Brule  – Caramel cake with layers of creamy caramel and custard cream filling topped with bruleed sugar

German Chocolate Coconut Pecan  – Moist German chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling

Italian Cream  – Rich moist vanilla cream coconut pecan cake with buttery vanilla whipped cream

Key Lime Pie  – Graham cracker cake drizzled with key lime syrup and with a key lime whipped cream filling

Lemon Sunshine  – Rich moist lemon cake drizzled with lemon syrup filled with  and a sweet and tart lemon whipped cream

Neopolitan - Layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cakes with chocolate fudge and strawberry filling

Orange Creamsicle - Rich moist orange cream cake with tangy orange filling and vanilla whipped cream

PB&J  – Peanut butter cake with peanut butter mousse and fruit preserve filling

Peaches and Cream - Moist butter peach cake with vanilla cream filling and peach preserves

Pina Colada - Layers of pineapple and coconut cakes with pineapple and coconut whipped cream filling

Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin spice cake with vanilla cream filling

Rainbow In the Sky Moist vanilla cake layers in the color of the rainbow with vanilla cream filling

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle - Moist rich chocolate cake with chocolate truffle and raspberry filling

Strawberry Daiquiri - Strawberry lime cake with lime cream and strawberry cream filling

Strawberry Shortcake - Rich moist strawberry cake filled with strawberry preserves and vanilla whipped cream

Strawberry Lemonade - Layers of Strawberry and lemon cake  with lemon buttercream and strawberry preserves filling

Smore’s - Graham cracker cake with chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallow filling

Tiramisu - Rich moist cream cake drizzled with espresso syrup and sweetened cream with shaved chocolate filling

Turtle - Rich chocolate cake with soft caramel, chocolate chips and pecan filling

Tuxedo  - Layers of rich dark chocolate and moist snow white cake with milk and white chocolate truffle filling  

White Chocolate - White chocolate cake with white chocolate cream and white chocolate ganache filling