086 150x150 NASCAR car #95What a privilege it was to create this officially commissioned NASCAR cake.  This cake was created for Wally Rogers, the crew chief for Leavine Family Racing, NASCAR car #95.0401 150x150 NASCAR car #95  Extreme care was taken in order to faithfully render the vehicle in its exact likeness.  The silhouette and custom paint job were created in miniature.  The vehicle is a 1/14 scale model.  033 150x150 NASCAR car #95The car cake is 100% edible with no gum paste used at all and is made of a vanilla almond pound cake with white chocolate butter cream.  The fondant is butter cream marshmallow fondant except for the black fondant which is dark chocolate marshmallow fondant.  The base cake is dark chocolate fudge with chocolate butter cream covered in the dark chocolate fondant.


No piping was used but instead all of the detailing was done with fondant with the exception of the race car driver’s name.  Even the small colored detailing around the corporate logo and the white pin striping were done in very thin strips of fondant.  013 150x150 NASCAR car #95The metallic details including the cross hatch custom metal work finish were duplicated.


This cake is proof that with enough attention to detail anything can be made in cake!