apple pumpkin birthday 291 300x222 Birthday CenterpieceEvery birthday should be a special celebration no matter what your age.  With children birthdays are milestones that they look forward to for months.  What better way to make your loved one's next birthday celebration extra special than to have a birthday centerpiece of an edible piece of art from "Let Me Call You Sweet Art" bakery?  

This featured cake was created for the combined birthday of a sweet little boy and girl.  Their party was to be held at a local park with the fun activities to include a hay ride and a trip to a pumpkin patch.  What better way to depict this birthday than to make the little boy and girl as scare crows in a fenced in field with an apple tree with aapple pumpkin birthday 21 300x225 Birthday Centerpiece bushel of picked apples, pumpkin patch with pumpkin wagon, corn stalks and picked corn, and hay bales?

The cake itself was a 12 x 18" chewy chocolate chip cookie covered in butter cream.  All of the sugar art pieces were hand crafted with marshmallow fondant, modeling chocolate, rice crispy treats, and pretzels.  Everything you see in this farm scene is edible.

Plan today to have "Let Me Call You Sweet Art" create a custom work of sugar art for your next birthday celebration so that you can make your loved one's birthday wishes all come true!


apple pumpkin birthday 10 300x225 Birthday Centerpiece

apple pumpkin birthday 11 300x214 Birthday Centerpiece