Cookies are traditionally thought of as small delicious little discs of wonder, which is definitely the case.  However, most people get stuck thinking that decorated cookies are for the most part the addition of a few sprinkles or a dip in chocolate.  While that is a wonderful way to enjoy a cookie, there is so muchdecorated cookie 1 300x225 Cookies Can Be Beautiful more that can be done!  There are the applications of fondant and edible images that will elevate the cookie to become elegant.  Cookies decorated in a formal or classical way are often seen at weddings and showers and can be uniquely customized for the occasion.

But, this is where most elegant cookies stop. The application of sugar art to a cookie can be limitless.  The ever popularpretty in pink cookie cake 21 300x223 Cookies Can Be Beautiful “Birthday Cookie” is traditionally thought of as just a big cookie with a border and a Happy Birthday saying in the middle.  Let’s think on this for a moment.  What is a celebration cake?  It is an iced smooth cake surface that is decorated for the occasion.  Now, why aren’t cookies thought of in this larger way?  Well, at Let Me Call You Sweet Art, they are.  I can make 1″ thick soft chewy cookies in a variety of sizes and can apply a thin layer of smooth butter cream that creates the traditional surface for decorating. From there it is a blank canvas for whateverMother Goose Scene 2 300x204 Cookies Can Be Beautiful the imagination can create.

If you or someone you know is having a occasion to celebrate but they do not like cake, consider a cookie.  It does not have to be just the casual celebration cookie types that you can purchase at the grocery store.  It can be a cookie that is fresh baked and made with real butter, quality pretty in pink cookie cake 3 300x225 Cookies Can Be Beautifulchocolate, or nuts.  It can be in a variety of flavors or in two or three layers of more than one type of cookie with butter cream between them and iced and decorated just like a cake.

So, in the future, when you think of a cookie think of the possibilities.  Cookies can be beautiful!