romantic red rose 51 212x300 Romantic Wedding ReceptionCandles flickering and the aroma of fresh flowers linger in the air.  The gentlemen are resplendent in their black ties and jackets and the ladies are beautiful in their shimmery dresses and sparkling jewels.  The tables are all laid with freshly pressed linens and set with fine china and crystal.  Waiters are circulating around the tables attending the guests while a classical quartet produces the perfect back drop of sound for the happy conversations that are in progress.

Thus is the setting for a romantic wedding.  What cake should be at the center of such a special occasion but one that exemplifies romance?  And, what could be more romantic than red roses, the shimmer of silver, and pearls?  This Romantic Wedding Cake design begins with classic square cakes that have been covered in ivory marshmallow butter cream fondant.  Atop this grand cake is a bouquet of intricately hand crafted gum paste roses, leaves and pearls.  Every rose is compiled of individually formed petals that have beenromantic red rose 61 300x287 Romantic Wedding Reception hand dusted to exactly replicate the velvet texture of a fine classic red rose.  The accents on the cake are made from the same marshmallow butter cream fondant and have been hand painted with edible silver pearl dust.

Elaborate scroll work has been piped on the middle tier with individual marshmallow butter cream pearls randomly placed to highlight the art work.

The bottom tier has hand painted embroidery work detailing sugar flowers which have been highlighted romantic red rose 21 300x270 Romantic Wedding Receptionwith candle light pearl shimmer.  This gives the effect to the sugar piping making it look as though the flowers are made from silk.

The border on all of the layers is composed of strings of fondant pearls that have been hand painted giving them luster of real pearls.

The resulting effect is one of extreme classic romantic beauty; the perfect touch to any grand romantic wedding reception.romantic red rose 41 300x212 Romantic Wedding Reception