With the advent of the television cake shows sugar work has been elevated to a new level of art.  Cake artists everywhere are creating masterpieces that people marvel at and cannot believe they are made of sugar.purple crystal cattleya round 21 300x225 Masterpieces of Sugar Art

The imagination is the limit as to what can be modeled out of sugar.  Gum paste, fondant, and modeling chocolate are often used as a master potter uses clay to create works of art except a cake artist’s works of art are edible!tea time while the babies sleep 41 300x225 Masterpieces of Sugar Art

My favorite work of edible sugar art are flowers, especially roses.  I hand craft each rose with individually shaped petals that are added one by one so no two roses ever look exactly alike. Each rose is then dusted and painted by hand to create a realistic velvet appearance.  The rose calyx and leaves are carefully highlighted to accent the sugar roses perfectly.

Many brides desire the classic beauty that comes from fresh flowers but think of how much more elegant classy lady purse and shoes 41 300x225 Masterpieces of Sugar Artwedding cakes can be when they are adorned by sugar flowers as realistic as a natural flower.  If carefully preserved, sugar flowers can be cherished as keepsakes for many years after the special day.  There is no danger of the flowers wilting on the wedding cake nor of concerns of pesticides or poisonous sap that might come in contact with the cake from crystal sunshine yellow rose round 21 300x218 Masterpieces of Sugar Artnatural flowers. Edible masterpieces of sugar art presented especially in realistic sugar renderings of beautiful flowers are the perfect touch to make your wedding cake take your breath away!