For many years cupcakes have had an emotional impact on people.  There is just an allure that comes from a little cake with sweet frosting that does not have to be shared with anyone else! In recent years cake artists have taken this little hydrangea purple flower cupcake closeup1 300x253 Cupcakes   Little Works of Artcake that used to adorn children’s simple birthday parties and have transformed them into small master pieces of art.

The beauty of these small cakes is that they can be a simple classic cake and frosting or be transformed into a gourmet dessert.  Popular among my offerings have been my gourmet cupcakes.  Cupcakes like my “Cinnamon Roll” that is composed of a buttery spice cake that has a cinnamon cream cheese whipped filling and is topped with cream cheese butter cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Or, my “Chocolate Covered Cherry” which is a vanilla cherry scented moist chocolate chip cake with milk chocolate truffle and cherry preserve filling topped with cherry vanilla butter cream and topped with a maraschino cherry and chocolate shavings.    Then there is the classic “Chocolate Peanut Buttercookies and cream and chocolate peanut butter delight cupcakes1 300x285 Cupcakes   Little Works of Art Delight” which is a moist chocolate cake with a peanut butter whipped cream filling studded with chocolate peanut butter candies and then topped with peanut butter cream and a chocolate peanut butter candy.  An let’s not forget the “Cookies and Cream” cupcake with the rich moist dark chocolate cake with whipped cookies and cream filling topped with more cookies and cream butter cream and finished off with a small chocolate and cream cookie.

The art that can be crafted to customize these little darlings is only limited by your imagination.  They can be elegant or simply adorned in a box with a cupcake assortment1 300x225 Cupcakes   Little Works of Artribbon. Or they can be presented with elaborate lace wrappers and hand crafted chocolate art work.  Small white chocolate fondant roses and leaves or hand crafted and painted fondant flowers are just a small example of what can be created to make any special occasion more memorable.  Cupcakes warm our hearts and make us happy and they make everyone who receives one feel special!white rose purple hydreangea cupcakes1 300x244 Cupcakes   Little Works of Artwoodland meadow love bird wedding shower 41 225x300 Cupcakes   Little Works of Art