cinderella wedding2 266x300 A Cinderella Inspired Wedding ReceptionMost every little girl grows up believing she is a princess, as well she should.  Thus it is very common for a bride to say she wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day.  When my daughter began to plan her wedding she had always been a little princess and so a fairy tale themed cake was a must.  Together she and I created a cake scene that touched on the heart of the Cinderella story.  The couple in love, a castle, a horse and coach and of course, the blue glass slippers!

The cake itself is in the classic style with butter cream icing and a pillared top cake. The tiers are petal shaped with shimmery blue fondant ribbon and pearl border detailing.  To further accentuate the petal detail, fondant pearl drops are used featured along each petal indent.  The gum paste white roses are left a snowy velvet while the blue and green accented hydrangea petals have a shimmer of silvery blue and are accented with pearl centers.  The ivy has been Cinderella Inspired Gum Paste Flower Detail 300x225 A Cinderella Inspired Wedding Receptionhand painted and accented and softly reflect the light.

The cake is presented on an ornate silver cake stand with a bracket of white roses and hydrangeas accenting the table directly in front of the main cake.  The top tier features a groom holding his bride in his arms while they lovingly look into each other’s eyes.  Custom detail was done to the bride and groom topper in order to replicate the exact features of my daughter andCinderella Inspired Groom Holding His Bride 225x300 A Cinderella Inspired Wedding Reception her husband.  Beneath the top tier a gum paste bouquet has been created with tulle accents and soft twinkling white lights.  Beneath the silver stand additional white lights twinkle and illuminate the table beneath the cake.

There are three satellite cakes. The first on the left features a white castle that shimmers in a glittery show with pearl accents.  The center of the castle is illuminated which causes the turrets to have a soft glow.  The middle satellite cake is the classic pillow on which the glass slipper was presented to Cinderella in order to prove she was the special lady the prince has fallen in love with at the ball.  These blue glass slippers at my daughter’s wedding reception were special in that they glass slipper pillow cake2 300x251 A Cinderella Inspired Wedding Receptionare an heirloom that had belonged to my daughter’s paternal great grandmother.    The right satellite cake features a white horse and carriage which also is illuminated from within.

At the evening reception candles were set aglow on the table surrounding these Cinderella Inspired Wedding Cakes so that all the wonder of the fairy tale sparkled for all to remark saying, “…And They Lived Happily Ever After”.